Horace Removal

Mir here.

Hey guys, if you’re reading this, I’ve been hiding the inkling in the back of my head and hoping nobody noticed, but then last session Staffen took me up on it and I realized it was out of the bag.

I generated Horace originally as per my normal new character strategy: find a career I want to play, find charart for it off /tg/booru, then build crunch/fluff to fit it. Normally that works. With Horace, not so much.

It ended up being that Horace flitted from session to session with no real idea from me how to advance him as a character (and therefore mechanically as well). He was originally supposed to explore heresy as an Oblationist, but our in-game plot never gave opportunities I could use without derailing or making Horace an uncooperative ass (I didn’t want to drag everyone down Radical Lane), as well due to my general lack of knowledge on what “radicalism” in practice is, other than overt heresy (Warp rituals, demons, etc).
So then any “heretical” thing Horace could do just started to be blobbed on haphazardly and without planning (because I couldn’t see where to even take the plan). This culminated in him becoming a useless support character that had only one gimmick (absurd early-game Tech-Use), and was turning into a “not-Tech Priest” (with the recent addition of black-market, stolen basic Tech-Priest implants) that was not only breaking common sense, but the spirit of the game class divisions.

I’ve been seriously considering retiring the character of Horace for the past week, and once Staffen responds in some sort of message (is his power out from the crazy storms lately?) to confirm my new character, he’ll probably just fall out of the game plot.

This is just a heads-up as to what’s probably going to happen, so you guys can, if you wish, anticipate RP response to his disappearance (need to discuss that with Staffen), and explain why the hell I’m changing characters on the meta.

If it’s any consolation, I have a much stronger mental image of my next character, and hopefully be more coherent as an evolving entity IC.
And as precaution, it’s gon’ git crazy, should I have any say in it.

Horace Removal

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