Character creation

Just a few things to consider, first…

  • I swear to god, coordinate what the hell you’re going to play. I recommend you cover every base of character utility.
  • Character creation goes as it is described in the core rulebook (errata applies). You may use any supplements available (Any severe mishandling will result in rejection by GM – you will know what severe mishandling equates to) for any part of the process, but run any cases of radicalism by the GM.
  • When you do make your character, be sure to keep a clear and readily available track of your XP total, how much you spent for stuff and where you got it from. The last time I didn’t track this, I ended up dealing with a Tainted Blood of Malfi Scum with ~70 Fellowship, ~50 Agility, +20 to Dodge and at least Basic Training every Fellowship Skill.
  • I want to have at least a paragraph of backstory for your character at least a week before we play. It doesn’t have to be extremely detailed and intricate, but just enough that I know what to do with you.
  • And be sure to consult me on that backstory, so that we can avoid something like “convicted rapist teamed up with a dude who saw his mother raped”. That would be very unfortunate.
  • For any random rolls that have significant impact on characters, such as the results of corporeal sanctification (Daemon Hunter, pg.43), try to have your GM or at least one witness present. You are left on your honor for rolling Wounds and Fate Points, however, as you are with any rolls of starting Insanity or Corruption.
  • Hold off on rolling up your Divination until everyone is together, ideally before we start. This way, I can know for sure that you rolled that Major Mutation that gave your pskyer wings, and also so we can all revel in the path your fortunes take.
  • Lastly, be sure to have at least one back-up character on-hand. While I like to think I’m not a killer-GM (if we could only write our own reviews), I cannot speak for the often lethal nature of Dark Heresy rolls. “Sorry, Bill, you rolled a 36 when you had to roll a 30. Looks like you just got hit by a railgun.” (There was a railgun, don’t question why it’s in the Calixis Sector)

Characteristic Generation

  • Characteristics will be generated by taking the base stats for your homeworld choice and then applying a 125-point points-buy. You must add at least 5 points to each Characteristic but may not add more than 20 to any one Characteristic.

Character creation

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