Varian Sark


Name: Varian Sark
Homeworld: Blood of Malfi (Supremely Connected, Vendetta, Wealth, Fiendish Mind, Monstrous Lineage)
Career: Scum/Inquisitor
Divination: “A mind without purpose will wander in dark places.” +1FP (3FP)
Quirk: Missing lateral phalanges of the right foot.
Age: 26

Ascended Traits: Indomitable Will of the Inquisition (Once per session Willpower test passed as if rolled 01), Purity is the only Defence (Half CP gains).

Weapon Skill (WS): 40
Ballistic Skill (BS): 40
Strength (S): 30
Toughness (T): 40
Agility (Ag): 60
Intelligence (Int): 45
Perception (Per): 35
Willpower (WP): 50
Fellowship (Fel): 65

Rank: 9 (Charlatan Inquisitor)
Total: 14850 XP
Available: 150 XP


Flak Greatcloak

Head AP: 0
Body AP: 4
Arms AP: 4
Legs AP: 0
Special: AP 5 against Blast attacks which are not right on top of wearer.

Wounds: 17/17
Fate Points: 3
Corruption Points: 7
Insanity Points: 6
Movement: Half = 6m, Full = 12m, Charge = 18m, Run = 36m
Narrative Movement: Per Minute = 144m, Per Hour = 9km, Per Day = 90km
Initiative Bonus: 6
Strength Bonus: 3
Toughness Bonus: 4
Carrying Capacity (7): Carry = 45kg, Lift = 90kg, Push = 180kg
Current Carry Weight: 16kg

Skills: Blather, Barter, Chem-Use, Ciphers (Underworld), Common Lore (Imperium, Underworld), Concealment, Inquiry, Literacy, Medicae, Pilot (Civilian Craft), Scrutiny, Search, Security, Secret Tongue (Acolyte), Silent Move, Sleight of Hand, Speak Language (High/Low Gothic), Swim, Trade (Copyist).

Trained Skills (Add 10): Scholastic Lore (Judgement)
Mastered Skills (Add 20): Awareness, Charm, Decieve, Disguise, Dodge, Forbidden Lores (All)

Talents: Ambidextrous, Blademaster, Decadence, Melee Weapon Training (Primitive), Pistol Training (SP, Bolt, Las), Basic Weapon Training (SP), Catfall, Gunslinger, Hip Shooting, Master Orator, Mighty Shot, Talented (Deceive), Resistant (Fear, Poisons), Peer (Nobility, Administratum, Underworld), Hardy, True Grit, Two Weapon Wielder (Ballistic/Melee),6xSound Constitution, Step Aside

Traits: Noble Wealth, Rival (Galen Sark – Deceased)

Weaponry: (Mighty shot +2 to range weapons)

Power Sword
Class: Melee
Dmg: 1d10+5 R Pen 6
Wt: 3.5kg
Special: Balanced, Powerfield.

Best Craftsmanship Bolt Pistol
Class: Pistol
Range: 30m
RoF: S/2/-
Dmg: 1d10+7 I, Pen 4
Clip: 8
Rld: Full
Wt: 3.5kg
Special: 4 magazines.

Digital Melta
Class: Pistol
Range: 3m
RoF: S/-/-
Dmg: 2d10+6 E, Pen 12
Clip: 1
Rld: Full
Wt: 0.5kg

Orthlak Mark IV (Lost)
Class: Pistol
Range: 30m
RoF: S/-/6
Dmg: 1d10+6 I, Pen 0
Clip: 12
Rld: Full
Wt: 2.5kg
Special: 4 magazines of Dumdum rounds, Red dot sight.

Bolo Knife (Lost)
Class: Melee
Dmg: 2d5 R Pen 2
Wt: 2kg

Influence: 70
-5 Acolyte cell
Total: 65

Microbead, Inquisitorial Rosette
[Backpack (1kg), Microbead, Medkit (2kg), 10 Holowafers, 3 stun nades (0.8kg), Multikey, Gas mask (0.5kg), BQ Concealed Holster (Shoulder Rig) (2kg) ALL LOST :( ]

Medkit: +20 to medical tests
Multikey: +30 to security tests
Gas Mask: +30 to T tests for gas and a re-roll
BQ Concealed Holster: -20 to enemy search tests and free action to draw weapon.
Photocontacts: Dark Sight

Misc. Equipment: Fancy Clothes (Good Quality Clothing)
[Streetware (poor Quality Clothing), Cork Screw (Memento), Loaded Dice (Career Memento) ALL LOST :( ]


Rank 1:
Dodge (100xp)(Rank 1 Scum)
Barter (100xp)(Rank 1 Scum)
Agi+5 (100xp)(Rank 1 Scum)
Fel+5 (100xp)(Rank 1 Scum)
BS+5 (100xp) (Rank 1 Scum)
Rank 2:
Security (100xp) (Rank 2 Scum)
Sleight of Hand (100xp) (Rank 2 Scum)
Medicae (200xp) (Rank 2 Scum)
Inquiry (100xp) (Rank 2 Scum)
Rank 3:
Concealment (100xp) (Rank 2 Scum)
Search (100xp) (Rank 3 Scum)
Common Lore (Underworld) (100xp) (Rank 2 Scum)
Hardy (100xp) (Rank 3 Scum)
Deceive+10 (200xp) (Rank 3 Scum)
Ag+10 (250xp) (Rank 1 Scum)
Fel+10 (250xp) (Rank 1 Scum)
Rank 4:
Dodge+10 (100xp) (Rank 4 Scum)
Silent Move (100xp) (Rank 4 Scum)
BS+10 (250xp) (Rank 1 Scum)
Awareness+10 (100xp) (Rank 1 Scum)
WP+5 (250xp) (Rank 1 Scum)
Pilot (Civilian Craft) (100xp) (Rank 3 Scum)
Rank 5:
Awareness+20 (100xp) (Rank 5 Scum)
Driver (Ground Vehicle) (100xp) (Rank 1 Scum)
Pistol Training (Bolt) (100xp) (Rank 5 Scum)
Two Weapon Wielder (Ballistic) (100xp) (Rank 5 Scum)
WP+10 (500xp) (Rank 1 Scum)
Ag+15 (500xp) (Rank 1 Scum)
Peer (Underworld) (100xp) (Rank 2 Scum)
Secret Tongue (Acolyte) (100xp)(Rank 3 Scum)
Ciphers (Underworld) (100xp) (Rank 2 Scum)
Ag+20 (500xp) (Rank 1 Scum)
Pistol Training (Las)(100xp) (Rank 1 Scum)
Int+5 (250xp) (Rank 1 Scum)
Per+5 (250xp) (Rank 1 Scum)
Sound Constitution (100xp) (Rank 1 Scum)
Sound Constitution (100xp) (Rank 1 Scum)
Rank 6: (Fixer)
Gunslinger (200xp) (Rank 6 Scum)
Mighty Shot (100xp) (Rank 6 Scum)
Disguise (100xp) (Rank 6 Scum)
Hip Shooting (200xp) (Rank 6 Scum)
Swim (100xp) (Rank 1 Scum)
Catfall (100xp) (Rank 1 Scum)
Sound Constitution (100xp) (Rank 2 Scum)
Sound Constitution (100xp) (Rank 3 Scum)
Sound Constitution (100xp) (Rank 4 Scum)
Sound Constitution (200xp) (Rank 5 Scum)
+ 5 T (500xp) (Rank 1 Scum)
Two Weapon Wielder (Melee) (200xp) (Rank 6 Scum/Cutter purchase)
Rank 7: (Shark)
Step Aside (200xp) (Rank 7 Scum)
Disguise+10 (100xp) (Rank 7 Scum)
Charm+10 (100xp) (Rank 6 Scum)
Charm+20 (100xp) (Rank 7 Scum)
Blademaster (100xp) (Rank 7 Scum)
Scrutiny (200xp) (Rank 5 Scum)
Chem-Use (200xp) (Rank 4 Scum)
Resistance (Poisons) (100xp) (Rank 3 Scum)
Decadence (100xp) (Rank 7 Scum)
+ 10 T (750xp) (Rank 1 Scum)
True Grit (200xp) (Rank 7 Scum) [Rank 7 Scum/Stubjack Purchase]
Rank 8: (Charlatan)
Decieve+20 (100xp) (Rank 8 Scum)
Disguise+20 (100xp) (Rank 8 Scum)
Dodge+20 (100xp) (Rank 8 Scum)
Master Orator (200xp) (Rank 8 Scum)
Scholastic Lore (Judgement) (200xp)(Rank 5 Scum)
Scholastic Lore (Judgement)+10 (200xp)(Rank 8 Scum)
Trade (Copyist) (100xp) (Rank 7 Scum)
Fel +15 (500xp)(Rank 1 Scum)
Fel +20 (750xp)(Rank 1 Scum)
WP +15 (500xp) (Rank 1 Scum)

Transition Package: (Spiritual Retreat): +5WP -1d5CP

Rank 9: (Inquisitor)
Forbidden Lore Mastery (700xp) (Rank 9 Inquisitor)
Acolytes Network (700xp) (Rank 9 Inquisitor)


Varian Sark, was the fourth child and third born son of Malfian nobility. His parents are Prefects for the Administratum’s Calixian Headquarters on Malfi. The Sark House has not been free of the the moral decay and corruption of power that plague so many nobles on Malfi. However, the immense influence and wealth nobles possess due to the gross distribution of wealth has seen them untouched by the law in recent times. With two older brothers and a younger sister, Varian had little to inherit. With a heir and a spare in place already to take up their parents’ holdings Varian became one of the idle rich.

Well educated by fine institutions and tutored by mentors on the political minefield that noble life presents the intelligent Varian was armed with skills that would serve him well. As a young man both eloquent and persuasive Varian looked for ways to assuage his proclivities. Beginning in the middle hives of Malfi Varian began to run cons, deceiving and charming his way into people’s pockets. The monetary value earned was nothing compared the stipend provided by his family but the thrill was the real incentive. Developing a taste for wine in his youth and now indulging in such tastes, he was headed to an early grave.

It was at this time that Varian would con the wrong man, finally stepping on one of the figurative mines his mentors warned him of. A cousin to a criminal syndicate’s boss, the score was great but Varian did not have the time to enjoy it. Quickly hunted down by members of the syndicate, he was knocked unconscious and taken to a lower hive warehouse. The masked men toyed with the young man, one of them drawing a Malfian bolo-knife menacingly before slicing off the charlatan’s little toe on his right foot. Turning his silver tongue on the career criminals, Varian promised to pay back the money, work for them, pull strings, anything to save himself. Heedless of the young man’s pleas the torture would have continued but the men were interrupted by some reclaimators who had strayed too far into the syndicate’s territory. They headed outside to deal with the scavengers.

Wriggling free of his bonds, Varian was faced with a dilemma. The only way out of the warehouse was through the large door the torturers left from. Gathering his strength and limping to it, Varian peaked through the keyhole to see the pair clearing off the plunderers. As they returned Varian receded into a darkened corner and waited. As the door opened and the men passed Varian took his chance and grabbed for the knife, drawing it before holding it at the man’s throat. The other masked man drew an autopistol and aimed it at the noble and his hostage. When Varian demanded that he drop his weapon the stubjack laughed before pulling the trigger and pumping heavy rounds into his associate.

Varian dived aside as the body infront of him shuddered under the impacts. Recovering he bull rushed the bigger man, knocking him off balance and causing him to expend the last of his magazine’s rounds harmlessly into the warehouse roof. Maintaining his footing, the renegade started brawling with the noble who took a knuckle duster blow to the gut before sliding aside and bringing the bolo-knife across the man’s neck. As the lifeblood poured out of the man Varian grabbed the autopistol and some magazines before limping off into the lower hive night. Unsure of what the syndicate knew and if they might be watching his family’s estates he found a run down mid-hive apartment to use as a safe house.

Recovering from his injury and laying low until he thought it was safe, Varian couldn’t help but run a few small cons in his immediate area until one day as he returned home fate would intervene. Approaching his run down apartment door and sliding a key into the lock he heard a scuff of boots on the moldy carpet behind him. Turning his head to have a look, a sudden sharp pain entered the back of his skull and everything went black.

Varian Sark

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