Vanessa Frydborne


Name: Vanessa Frydborne
Sex: Female
Height: 1.75m
Weight: 70kg
Age: 28
Skin: Pale
Hair: Ginger
Eyes: Green
Divination: “The Only True Fear is of Dying with your Duty not Done.” +2 Wounds

WS 60++++ 2500xp
BS 40+ 100xp
S 40++ 1250
T 40++ 350xp
Ag 40
Int 45++ 350xp
Per 40+ 250xp
WP 38+ 250xp
Fel 35

SB: 4
TB: 4
AgB: 4
Initiative: 1d10+8
Soak: 10/11

Wounds: 13/18
Fate: 3/3
Insanity: 10/100
Corruption: 6/100
XP: 11700/11700

Homeworld: Void Born
Career: Arbitrator
Alternate Career: Mortiurge
Background Package: The Red Vaults of Luggnum (100xp)

Homeworld – (Chartist Vessel: The Bonney Lass)
Charmed: Keep spent Fate on a 9
Ill-Omened: -5 to Fellowship made to interact with non-void born humans
Shipwise: Navigation (Stellar) and Pilot (Spacecraft) are Basic
Void Accustomed: Immune to space travel sickness, zero or low gravity enviroments are not considered difficult

Salary: Supine Class (126 thrones a month)
Thrones: 14

Background Package
+3 WP
3 Insanity


Speak Language (Low Gothic)
Common Lore (Adeptus Arbites) +20 200xp
Common Lore (Imperium)
Awareness 100xp
Scrutiny 100xp
Common Lore (Underworld) 100xp
Intimidate 100xp
Security 100xp
Tracking 100xp
Ciphers (Underworld) 100xp
Common Lore (Imperium) 100xp
Interrogation 100xp
Scholastic Lore (Judgement) +10 200xp
Search 100xp
Common Lore (Administratum) 100xp
Shadowing 100xp
Dodge +10 250xp (Elite)
Speak Language (High Gothic) 100xp
Lip Reading 200xp


Basic Weapons Training (SP)
Melee Weapon Training (Primitive)
Quick Draw
Rapid Reload 100xp
Sound Constitution (x4) 400xp
Pistol Training (SP) 100xp
Disarm 100xp
Double Team 100xp
Leap Up 100xp
Light Sleeper 100xp
Take Down 100xp
Sound Constitution 100xp
Sprint 200xp
Crushing Blow 300xp
Nerves of Steel 150xp (Elite)
Last Killer Standing 300xp
Sure Strike 150xp (Elite)
Crack Shot 200xp
Mighty Shot 200xp
Counter Attack 300xp
Crippling Strike 300xp
Blademaster 200xp
Melee Weapon Training (Power) 200xp
Lighting Reflexes 100xp
Precise Blow 100xp
Wall of Steel 200xp
Step Aside 150xp (Elite)
Resistance (Fear) 100xp


52 Shells
40 Bullets
4 Executioner Shells (1d10+15 I Pen 1 Loose Scatter)
4 Blazer Shells (15m 1d10+11 E 0 Flame, Primitive)
5 Cryptus Shotgun Shells (Adds Sanctified)
5 Inferno Shells (Agility Test or Catch on Fire)
4 Snare Shells ( 1d10+9 Pen 0 Snare)
5 Acid Shells (2d10+2 E 0 Pen hit target suffers effects of being on fire, reduce armor by 1)

CQ Vox Legi-pattern Arbites Combat Shotgun: Basic 30m S/2/- 1d10+11 I 0 13/14 Full Reliable, Scatter w/ RDS
CQ Ius Automatic: Pistol 30m S/3/- 1d10+5 I 0 11/11 Half Reliable
CQ Lathe Pattern Power Maul: Melee 1d10+5/1d10+11 I 0/5 Shocking/Power Field (+5 to Parry)

CQ Adeptus Arbites Carapace Armor: AP 6 All
CQ Ballistic Cloth Surcoat: AP +1 Arms, Body

Uniform (Good Quality Clothing)
3 doses of Stimm
Arbitrator ID (Badge number 1358)
Pack of Lho-sticks


In the Calixis Sector there are many famous Chartist Ships. The Misericord, the Bountiful Beast, many different large ship plying trade routes through out the sector. One of the less famous, but no less important is the Bonney Lass, a universe-class mass conveyor plying the trade routes within the Drusus Marches. Fitted with many deep holds, the Bonney Lass hauls cargo across the stars. Ancient former devices, crates of weapons of unknown and old patterns, the decaying corpses of wild beats from a hundred different worlds. Cataloging and itemising the goods within the Bonney Lass would be… a rather time consuming endeavour.

It was aboard such a ship, and for as long as anyone knew, (truly the Frydborne Clan was living on the Bonney Lass not soon after it left the Jovian shipyards) that a popular… destination was for the various ratings and stevedores and deckhands (the Bonney Lass was less a ship and more of a roving space ship with piers for other vessels to dock with) was a tavern ran by the Frydborne clan for a very long time. A quaint little building as it was picked up from a feudal world and built into the bulkheads of the ship.

For generations, the green eyed, redhaired Frydbornes served hearty food (mostly brown bread with brown sausage and stew washed down with brown ale) to those that worked 10 hours shifts and could make the hike to the little slice of home. It was good for morale, it was good for the ratings, and it was good for the people. And in fact, the officers sometimes took would be clients and visiting dignataries to show off the various facets of the culture onboard the Bonney Lass.

It was at this Tavern that the youngest of the Frydbornes were born, a girl… a lovely lass with green eyes and redhair like many of her clan. She was raised within the kitchens and back rooms of the family tavern, but once she was of age, she decided to join the corps of Armsman kept aboard the vessel. She advanced quickly through the ranks and when the Bonney Lass was anchored over the the planet Piety, that she eventually joined the ranks of the Adeptus Arbites as a wide eyed fresh recruit from the dealing with the minor infractions aboard a ship to enforcing the Lex Imperialis. She was only 18.

A decade of dealing with the scum and villainy that one found on such a hive world, it made her hard. It made her jaded. It made her disenfranchised of things like the law and justice. It was better for everyone. For the IMperium, for the planet, for the Galaxy when she left a criminal bleeding on the side of the road, to rot in a gutter. She wouldn’t have gone far enough to say that it felt good, but it felt like she was doing something. It was no surprise when she was asked to become a Mortiurge.

It was no surprise when she accepted the task. A chance to cleanse the scum, with no questions asked, no quarter given? She couldn’t say yes fast enough. And so she prowled the back alleys, washing the filth from the streets with blood. She didn’t gain many friends at her precinct, but she didn’t care… she was doing good work. If an innocent had to die, well… the Emperor knew His own, that was the only comfort she needed.

It was only last year that she was tracking down a group of miscreants in her jurisdiction. A dogged game of cat and mouse as she used contacts and favors and just pure skill to find what she thought was criminals. It was her surprise that they were an acolyte cell of an Inquisitor and instead of the… many terrible and bad things that could have happened to her, she was instead brought into the fold of the Inquisitor’s network of agents, as anyone that could track down acolytes like she did was a resource that should not be wasted.

Vanessa Frydborne

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