Solomon "Six-jay" Praetus

Do not ask why you serve, Only ask how – +2 bs ws
CP: 1
IP: 11

WS 37 (35 base 2 divination)
BS 62 (40 base +22 div
Str 45 (35 base +10 buy)
Tou 60 (40 base, +20buy)
Agi 45 (35 base, +10 buy)
Int 35 (30 base + 5 buy) (Unnatural Int X2)
Per 40 (3 base, +10)
WP 30 (30 base)
Fel 35 (35 base)
Rank: 8
Total: 15,000 XP
Available: 150
Thrones: 44380


Head AP: 7
Body AP: 7
Arms AP: 7
Legs AP: 7

Augmetics: Best Quality Cortext Implant, Functions as Cogitator and Unnatural Intel X2

Best Quality Bionic Arm, Right X2 Str Bonus, Similar in size and shape to regular arm.

Best Quality Bionic Legs, Both, Sprint talent and +20 to athletics checks involving legs

Icon of Office: Six-jay’s icon of Office takes the form of an elaborate Electoo on the palm of his left hand.

Wounds: 24/24
Fate Points: 3 total
Corruption Points: 1
Insanity Points: 11
Disorders: None
Malignancies: None
Movement: Half = 4m, Full = 8m, Charge = 12m, Run = 24m

Strength Bonus: 4 – Left arm only or 8 – Right arm or both arms.
Toughness Bonus: 6
Carrying Capacity (6): Carry = 78kg – 58 used

Awareness – Ciphers(War) – Inquiry – Quick Draw – Navi(surface) – Rapid Reload – Inquiry +10 – Ambidexterous – Two Wep(Bal)- Dual Shot Demolitions – Hip Shoot – Demolitions(10) – Biceps – True Grit – Medicae – Silent move – Conceal – Hardy – Awareness(10) – Might Shot – Concealment – Lightning Reflexs – Awareness(20) – Silent move(10) – Tactics (Recon and Assualt) +20

Athletics Mastery + 20 (Swim, Dodge, Contort, Climb, Acrobatics)

Mastered – Awareness, Tactics (Recon and Assault), Concealment
Talented – Silent Move, Demolitions, Inquiry
Trained – Navigation, Ciphers War, Medicae

Mighty Shot – +2 Damage
Hip-shot – No penalty for single / semi after moving
Rapid Reload – Reload in half the time rounding down
Ambidexterous + Two Wep (Bal) + Dual Shot – No penalties dual wielding fire at different targets
Quick Draw – Ready as a free action

True Grit – Halve crit damage round down.
Step Aside – Dodge two different attacks a round
Hardy – Always lightly wounded

Lightning Reflex – Double AB init

Weps – Mighty Shot Included
Hellgun Cadian Pattern – 50m, s/3/-, 1d10 6, 7pen, 30, built in targeter, Best Quality (Never jam)
Inferno Pistol – 10m, s/-/-,2d10
6, 12pen, 3, no reload, (Concealed in Right arm bionic good quality +10 to conceal checks.)

Heavy Bolter Godwyn-Diaz Pattern – 120m, //8, 2d10+2, 5pen, Backpack Ammo(200), Storm, Good Quality (Reliable), Suspensors (half-weight and full auto half action), Targeter (+10)

Expendables(replaced after every mission)

Melta-Charge X 2
Melta-Paste x 2
Krak X 3

Combat knife 1d10+SB, 2 pen, mono, good quality +5 to hit

ARMOR NORMAL – No count against weight total, Always one step higher quality

Kaskrin Pattern 7 AP, Built in Light, Pict-Corder, Encrypted Microbead, Photovisor, Rebreather


15k (approx) Heavy Bolter and upgrades.

30k (approx) for Inferno Concealed

30k (approx) best quality legs.

84k Total


Inquisitorial Request for Records Relateing to -
Progena S.C – 1415GA15916J
“Solomon “Six-Jay” Praetus"
SCHOLA PROGENIUM:: Drusus Holy Martyr of Him on Earth, Calixis, Opus Macharius
Age: 60 (Inquisition Sponsored Juve Treatments)

=WARNING== Earlier records deleted Preface - Follow =======

Six-Jay as he is known to his comrades is an excelent example of what the Schola Progenium can produce given quality material. Records of the Schola indicate that Solomon, as his name is given in the records, was at the top of his class of one-thousand and twelve since he entered training…

Parents – Martyred – Commisariat – Protasia Crusade of Pacifacation

==NO EXTREME VARIABLE REPORTED= Passing to next Time-frame Entry ===========

Six-Jay served in the stormtrooper retinue of Inquisitor Pious Mengala
since Graduation from schola at age twenty. During this period of time he is known to have assisted his master in the destruction of the pleasure cults of Askelphion Secundus and served with distinction by killing a Daemonhost of Khorne and for being the only member of his unit to be declared free of taint after the encounter. Six-Jay was later transferred from the stormtrooper legions to the personal retinue of his inquisitorial master where he continued to serve with vigor, personally being responsible for the destruction of twelve heretical cults across the Calixis sector and the death of Arch-Heretek Menk of Synford through the
sabotage of the Arch-Hereteks Shadowsword super-heavy tank.
Assisted his master in the Pacifacation of the Plauge Servants of Thyros at Pilgrams Pause, succsessfuly prevented the spread of the “Undeath” virus along with the brave sacrifice of several Battle Sisters of the Chapal of the Martyrd Blood.

Released from his masters service at Fifty-five, returned to stromtrooper corp and assumed duties as Drill-Keeper Abbot of Sector Fortress Drusus Marches.

Taken captive by Ordo Hereticus for psyker probe after the excommunication of his former master Pious Mengala.

Information forwarded from Ordo Hereticus Segmentum Fortress



Solomon Praetus has been found innocent in the heresies of his former master, after exhaustive inquiry it has been determined that his soul is pure of of taint by the grace of Him on Earth and his allegiance to the Golden Throne is undaunted. In recognition of his exemplary service he has been given the distinction of choosing summery execution or mind wipe.

Imperius Domitus



The sentence of mind-wipe for Inquisitorial Storm-Trooper Solomon Praetus has been commuted by order of Inquisitor Lord Haphestus Ironcade, with the power vested in him by the High Conclave Calixis and Cabal Sanctified Blood. It is ordered that he be returned to active duty with all haste and in good condition.


Request Clearence Code Magenta?

Solomon "Six-jay" Praetus

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