Nyx Haarlock Fortuna

Marquess of Shadows, The Eternal Show, Apt. #2, Floor 3


Specialty: Psyker (Scholar)
Starting Package: Living Nightmare
Origins: Famulous Protege
Divination: Know the mutant, Kill the mutant.
Sanctioning: Pain through nerve induction.
Quirk: Quivering Hands
Age: 34

Ascended Career: Primaris Psyker
Ascended Traits: (Ascension, p.79) Scholastica Psykana Failsafes, A Ghost in the Warp
Ascension Background: Judged by Your Peers

  • Wp+5, T-5
  • Insanity -2, Corruption -5

Weapon Skill x2 (WS): 45
Ballistic Skill (BS): 20 (25 with power helmet)
Strength (S): 30 (40 with arms, SB5)
Toughness x3 (T): 40
Agility (Ag): 40
Intelligence x2 (Int): 60
Perception x2 (Per): 42
Willpower x4 (WP): 65
Fellowship x1 (Fel): 50

Rank: 9
Total: 15000 XP
Available: 100
Thrones: 6145
Pay Grade: 9000


  • Casual: Sanctified Carapace Armor w/ Ecclesiarchy Overlay
    Head AP: 6 (7)
    Body AP: 6
    Arms AP: 6
    Legs AP: 6
    - +10 to resist direct psychic attack or manipulation against the wielder
    - Sanctified; unarmed attacks with the armor gauntlets are Sanctified damage
    - Supernatural creatures in 20m take -10 to WP tests
  • Combat: Sororitas Power Armor and Praesidium Protectiva
    Head AP: 7 (8)
    Body AP: 8
    Arms AP: 8
    Legs AP: 8
    - Astartes powerpack (unlimited)
    - Strength+10
    - Helmet (BS+5, integrated rebreather and comm-link)
    - Heavy weapons count as braced
    - Hexagrammatic Wards
    - Praesidium Protectiva has Defensive Quality, is Hexagrammatically Warded and can parry ranged attacks from left side and front on successful Parry for a cumulative AP+8

Wounds: 13/13
Fate Points: 3
Corruption Points: 0
Insanity Points: 6
Disorders: None
Malignancies: None
Movement: Half = 1m, Full = 2m, Charge = 3m, Run = 6m
Initiative Bonus: 6
Strength Bonus: 5/6
Toughness Bonus: 4
Carrying Capacity (9/10): Carry = 67/78kg, Lift = 135/157kg, Push = 270/315kg

Literacy, Speak Language (Low, High Gothic), Common Lore (Imperial Creed), Invocation, Trade (Soothsayer), Awareness, Deceive, Performer (Singer), Drive (Hover, Ground), Logic, Charm, Forbidden Lore (Warp)
Trained Skills (Add 10): Dodge
Mastered Skills (Add 20): Tech-Use, Psyniscience, Chem-Use, Inquiry

Peer (Ecclesiarchy, Nobility, Inquisition), Melee Weapon Training (Primitive, Chain, Power), Pistol Training (SP), Psy Rating 5, Resistance (Psychic Powers, Fear), Meditation, Paranoia, Unshakable Faith, Basic Weapon Training (SP), Step Aside, Blademaster, Swift Attack, Quick Draw, Favored of the Warp, Ambidextrous, Two-Weapon Wielder (Melee), Combat Master, Good Reputation (Inquisition), Armor of Contempt, Blade Dancer, Sound Constitution x1

Psychic Powers:
Rating: 5

*Minor Powers (10+1): Chameleon, Trusting Aura (RH), Weapon Jinx, Mutable Features (RH), Without a Trace (RH), Dull Pain, Open Wounds (DotDG), Fearful Aura, Inspiring Aura, White Noise, Resist Possession

*Discipline Powers

  • Telekinesis [MASTERED]: (4 Natural +6 Bought) Force Bolt (8), Catch Projectiles (11), Force Barrage (16), Push (8), Precision Telekinesis (18), Psychic Crush (12), Telekinetic Shield (12), Fling (9), Telekinesis (6), Psychic Blade (13)
  • Pyromancy: (1 Natural) Incinerate (19)
  • Ascended: Flameshroud (16)

Etiquette, Famulous Network (Peer (Ecclesiarchy, Nobility)), Wealth, Sanctioned Psyker, Unreadable Mind

Inquisition Ordo (600xp)
- Is an Adeptus (200xp)
- Has Military Connections (50xp)
- Can Reduce All Availability 3 Steps (150xp, Maxed)
- Can Reduce All Prices 30% (300xp)


Force Sword (GQ)
Did Vok jack my first muhfuggin’ sword?
Class: Melee
Damage: 1d10+1R
Effects: Balanced, Special, Sanctified
Pen: 2

Sollex Energy Blade (GQ/BQ)
Left Arm Bionic Concealed Weapon
Class: Melee
Damage: 1d10+6E
Effects: Balanced, Power Field, Sanctified, Special
Pen: 7
Ammo: Plasma x10

Sororitas Hand Flamer
Right Arm Bionic Concealed Weapon
Class: Pistol
Range: 10m
Damage: 1d10+4E
Pen: 2
Clip: 6
Reload: Full
Effects: Flame
Ammo: Psyflame Ammunition x10

Null Rod
Class: Melee
Damage: 1d10+4I
Effects: Power Field, Special
Pen: 6

Cataclysmus Device
Inventory: x2
Class: Thrown
Range: SBx3
RoF: S/-/-
Damage: 4d10+20X
Pen: 12
Effects: Blast(12), Special


  • Refraction Field, Brontian: Threshold 30, Overload 1-10
  • Jokaerian Field: Threshold 70, Overload 1-10 (Special)

Gas-Mask, Psy-Focus, Photo-Contacts, Clip/Drop Harness, Combi-Tool, Rebreather
Cataclysmus Device x2 (LWtLD)

Misc. Equipment:
Clothing (Good-Quality), Impressive Hat (memento), Broken Chrono (career memento), Injector x2, Psykana Mercy Blade, Microbead, Badge of Office

Kataline Malmsey (wine), Heretic’s Wake Deck, Recaff (BQ) x3


  • Bionic Arms, Left and Right, GQ
  • Concealed Weapon Bionics, GQ (Right: Seraphim Hand Flamer; Left: Sollex Energy Blade)
  • Bionic Respiratory System, GQ
  • Bionic Locomotion, GQ
  • Chem Gland: Sandstone, Clear, De-Tox
  • Cranial Armor (+1 to Head AP, LWtLD)
  • Synthmuscle Graft (SB+1, LWtLD)
  • Mind-Impulse Unit, GQ
  • Psyber Lure Implant

Personal Vehicles:

XP Expenditures:
300xp, Background Package: Living Nightmare
350xp, Intermediate WP Advances
350xp, Trained Intelligence Advances
750xp, Intermediate Toughness Advances
100xp, Awareness
100xp, Meditation
100xp, Minor Psychic Power
100xp, Unshakable Faith
100xp, Chem-Use
100xp, Deceive
200xp, Psy Rating 2
200xp, Minor Psychic Power x2
100xp, Dodge
100xp, Tech-Use
100xp, Performer (Singer)
100xp, Inquiry
100xp, Basic Weapon Training (SP)
300xp, Insanity Points Down x3
100xp, WS Simple Advance
100xp, Dodge+10
300xp, Step Aside
300xp, Psy Rating 4
150xp, Tech-Use+10
400xp, Psychic Power x2
200xp, Swift Attack
100xp, Blademaster
100xp, Inquiry+10
200xp, Psychic Power x2
100xp, Resistance (Fear)
200xp (Missed Rank, Savant Militant, Elite), Drive (Hover Vehicle)
100xp, Quick Draw
500xp, Trained WP Advance
750xp, Mastered WP Advance
200xp, Psychic Power x2 [TELEKINESIS MASTERY]
200xp, Favored of the Warp
150xp, Chem-Use+10
100xp, Psyniscience+10
100xp, Simple Perception Advance
150xp, (Missed Rank, Scholar Materium, Elite), Logic
100xp, Tech-Use+20
100xp, Psyniscience+20
200xp, Peer (Inquisition)
250xp, Intermediate Perception Advance
100xp, Drive (Ground)
100xp, Chem-Use+20
100xp, Ambidextrous
100xp, Two-Weapon Wielder (Melee)
100xp, Melee Weapon Training (Chain)
200xp, Combat Master
200xp, Melee Weapon Training (Power)
500xp, Simple Fellowship Advance
200xp, Good Reputation (Inquisition)
100xp, Inquiry+20
200xp, Contact, Is an Adeptus (Inquisition Ordo)
50xp, Contact, Has Military Connections
50xp, Contact, Able to Reduce All Availability (1 Step)
200xp, Psy Rating 5
100xp, Armor of Contempt
100xp, Contact, Able to Reduce All Availability (2, 3 Steps)
200xp, Contact, Able to Reduce Prices 10, 20%
200xp (Missed Rank, Lieutenant-Savant, Elite), Charm
100xp, Forbidden Lore (Warp)
750xp, Trained Toughness Advance
100xp, Contact, Able to Reduce Prices 30%
250xp, Intermediate Weapon Skill Advance
700xp, Corruption Points Down x7
500xp, (GM-Permission, Elite) Blade Dancer
800xp, (Trade In 2x Minor Powers: Endure Flames, Knack) Ascended Psychic Power: Flameshroud
200xp, Sound Constitution x1



“Brother! Sister! Am I not still your own, your flesh, your sibling of blood and title? I’m a Warp-hopped little mutant, but I—I’m your mutant…right? I am right! I won’t let you tell me otherwise!”

Nyx was born on the fabled, distant pleasure world of Quaddis, the unwatched playground of Imperial Calaxian nobility since the the Angevin Crusade. Of the Fortuna family itself, a stronger potential claimant of the lost Haarlock dynasty (and its valuable warrant) amongst the multitude in Xicarph, the mysterious Orders Famulous took notice and had since insinuated its guiding in the familial tendrils since 824.M41. Nyx was one of its latest progena, second of the three main Fortuna heirs of Duke Shadows(, The Eternal Show, Apt. #2-3).

Nyx’s engineered bloodline and tutelage was to culminate in a brilliant mind, able to withstand the depredations of Quaddisian society and strategically orient itself for an eventual power grab for the planet some generations further still. However, by chance and ill-luck, Nyx was born during the Festival of Tattered Fates, two weeks too early. The Festival of Tattered Fates and its cloaking of the planet from the Light of the Emperor and Astronomican left the darkness of the Warp to leave its touch upon Nyx. Nyx was raised for 20 years under the eye of Famulous tutors with no obvious sign of Warp-taint from the Grand Conjunction aside from recurring and vivid nightmares, until finally being confirmed a witch by disappearing from plain sight in self-preservation during a game hunt gone wrong. From there, the horrified Fortuna family and Famulous spared no expense to expressly send Nyx in cryogenic fugue on chartered interception to the Blackship fleet.

Nyx was proven and tempered as a psyker and sanctioned after a short decade of training, no doubt due in large to the preparation of the Famulous. Coming back to Quaddis, the Fortuna family treated Nyx thankfully not quite as a mutant, but regretfully no longer part of the family. Nyx was given domain of a part of the family fief in the crumbling and largely empty 2nd “apartment” overlooking the familial holding of the Eternal Show of Shadows theater. Spending another year on Quaddis, now known and branded as a psyker, Nyx spent it in idle whim in old haunts now made uncomfortable.

In odd mercies, Nyx’s old Famulous tutors seconded Nyx for Inquisitorial work, the malignancy of the Warp-touch notwithstanding, their eugenic aims with Nyx’s intellect and wills fully fulfilled and still being usable by others in service to the Throne. In a relatively short amount of time, Nyx has proven use and fire to Inquisitorial service, and further has been admitted to and pushed with some speed through the Psykana Temple Calix, fed by internal fears and external drives to complete a private mission.

Nyx Haarlock Fortuna

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