George the Nightwing (Nyx's Familiar)

Cyber-enchanced Psy-Bonded Familiar


Weapon Skill (WS): 26
Ballistic Skill (BS): 0
Strength (S): 28
Toughness (T): 35
Agility (Ag): 37
Intelligence (Int): 11
Perception (Per): 55
Willpower (WP): 53
Fellowship (Fel): 0

Wounds: 8
Movement: Half = 2/6m, Full = 4/12m, Charge = 6/18m, Run = 12/36m
Initiative Bonus: 5
Strength Bonus: 2
Toughness Bonus: 3
Carrying Capacity (5): Carry = 27kg, Lift = 54kg, Push = 108kg

Armor: 5 (Machine)

Skills: Dodge+20
Talents: Fearless, Autosanguine, Paranoia, Unremarkable, Orthoproxy
Traits: Fear 1, Flyer 6, Narcotic Dust†, Natural Weapon, Sonar Sense, Sucking Bite‡, Size (Scrawny), Machine (5)

  • †Narcotic Dust: Any creature without breathing apparatus approaching within one metre of the Nightwing must succeed on a Challenging (+0) Toughness Test or become Stunned for a number of Rounds equal to 1d10 minus its Toughness Bonus (for a minimum of one Round). This is a poisonous attack.
  • ‡Sucking Bite: If a Nightwing successfully bites its prey, it automatically latches on and drains its victim’s blood. Each Round, the Nightwing deals 1d10 points of Toughness Damage until the victim’s Toughness falls to 0, at which point death occurs. In addition, the sucking bite inflicts 1 level of Fatigue per Round. The Nightwing can be removed by winning an Opposed Strength Test. While a Nightwing is attached, all melee attacks against it gain a +20 bonus.

Class: Melee
Damage: 1d10+3R
Pen: 0

Psyocculum, Installed (BoM)
Machine Upgrade x3
Skill Upgrade x2 (Dodge+10, Dodge+20)
Talent Upgrade x4 (Autosanguine, Paranoia, Unremarkable, Orthoproxy)


The ill-famed world of Dusk is known for its many horrific creatures and sinister predators, and the Nightwing is no exception. A nocturnal creature, strange and disturbing to look upon, its amber, slug-like body is the length of a man’s arm and nearly featureless but for a small round mouth surrounded by hook-like barbs at one end.

George the Nightwing (Nyx's Familiar)

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